AfroComicCon (Oct 18-20)

Emeryville, CA - Join Popular Collectibles at the third annual AfroComicCon festival! 

The three-day event is an innovative, exciting, new interactive comic convention that combines, art, tech, workshops, gaming, cosplay, fashion, writing, creativity, FLASH (Fit Like A Super Hero), webtv, film, VR, and more.

The event provides a supportive climate for our multifaceted, art, tech-media, learning, and networking experience that showcases the talents of underrepresented groups such as professionals of color, and women. We provide a positive atmosphere which fosters creativity and innovation, encouraging the free flow of ideas and exchanges through respectful, trusting, and caring communication during the three-day conference. 

Address: SAE Expression College 6601 Shellmound St., Emeryville, California, 94608, United States
  • Mini Film Fest Friday 10/18/19
  • Main Day Saturday 10/19/19
  • Free Kids Community Day Sunday 10/20/19

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